How to Dispute a Fraudulent Debit or Credit Card Transaction

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  • 4/23/11
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    Fraudulent debit card transactions unfortunately happen a lot more then one may realize.  The question though is what you do if you happen to see one on your own account.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at the steps you need to follow.

    1.  You will first want to contact the company that withdrew from your financial account.  They should credit your account and that should be the end of it.

    2.  If they won’t do anything you will want to go in and see your financial institution about the charges.

    3.  From here they will have you fill out dispute forms they have and they will dispute it for you.  Most likely they will as well give you provisional credit for the funds that were taking.

    • Make sure you check to see if you acquired any fees because of these charges
    • Continue to check your account to make sure they are still not withdrawing out of your account.
    • Close your debit or credit card out if you continue to see this on a regular basis
    • It is possible the company that withdrew from your account sends back a notification to your financial institution that it was a legit charge.  If this happens you will receive a notification most likely, and you most likely will have to fill out more paperwork.

    1.  Have you had this happen to you?

    2.  What direction did you take?

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    Written By: Christopher E P 
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