How to Find Out Your Banks Routing Number

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  • 4/29/11
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  • Finding Your Banks Routing Number
    Your Banks routing number is their electronic address if someone needs to find them. For example if you need to set up direct deposit from your work you can give them your Banks routing number and then your account number to get your pay check right to your account. But the goal is knowing how to find your routing number. Let's go ahead and take a look at how you can find your routing number.

    1. Look on the bottom left of your checks to find your routing number which should be 9 digits long and in between brackets such as (000000000). See screen shot below.

    2. Search your Banks website. It may be right there in front of your eyes.

    3. Call your Bank. This number is one of the most typical items for them so they should have it.

    4. Next time your at your Bank ask them for it. They may even have a handy card you can hold on to with your routing number and account number on it.


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    2. What's your method to find your routing number?

    Image Credit: Rodrigo Moraes
    Written By: Christopher E P
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