How to Invite Someone to Church

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  • 4/27/11
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  • Inviting Someone to Church
    It’s not always easy to invite someone to your church, but thankfully there are different ways to invite them so that they feel comfortable going and can make their own decision on going to church.

    1.  Invite them to play on a current sports team that your church has such as volleyball, baseball, softball, etc.

    2.  Have them come to a special service such as Easter or Christmas.

    3.  Just ask them.  I know this might be an uncomfortable route, but you may be really surprised in the response that you get.

    4.  Invite them to a luncheon your church may be hosting.

    5.  Invite them to a special event they may be hosting at night such as a concert that is going on. 

    • Remember all you can do is ask, don’t take it personal if they decide not to go.
    • Sometimes these things take time and won’t just be overnight where they love coming most likely.
    • How have you invited someone to church?
    • Have any of these methods worked for you?
    • What’s your method to inviting someone to church?
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    Written By: Christopher E P

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