How to Landscape Your Home on a Budget

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  • 4/20/11
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    Great curb appeal really sets the tone for your home.  It is the first impression that is seen by guests, friends, family, and potential buyers if you are selling it.  But also, saving money is important, and knowing ways to landscape on a budget can put more money in your pocket, or get more bang for your buck.  Let’s go ahead and look at some ways you can landscape your home on a budget.

    1.  Approach farmers or country area homes for nice landscaping rock.  A lot of times these rocks are dug up or just laying around.  This potentially alone could save you a fortune.

    2.  Look for companies landscaping businesses and ask them if they have plants or any other landscaping items that they are just throwing out. 

    3. Wait till fall to purchase plants and other landscaping products that are going out of season.  Remember this may vary a bit for different regions because of the weather. 

    4. Get a part time job at your local landscaping company.  This way you can benefit from their employee discount.

    5. Check local community websites such as Craigslist.  They have a FREE section where individuals post items they don’t want.  Also you can post items you need or would like to have.

    6. Measure and map out what you need.  A little up front preparation can save you from over spending on un-needed material in the long run.


    1.  How do you landscape on a budget?
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    Written By: Christopher E P

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