How to Make a Great First Impression on a Job Interview

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  • 4/23/11
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  • Great First Impression on a Job Interview
    A job interview can be summed up in less than 15 seconds with the interviewer.  The key is to make sure you make that first impression that is so well planted in their heads that they can’t forget you.  Let’s take a look at how you can do make this first great impression.

    1.  Make sure YOU are dressed to impress.  This can be different for everyone, but a good idea may be to see what others are wearing in that business industry, or at the current spot you are applying to.

    2.  Make sure you smile.  A smile is so powerful and such a nice way to say hello.

    3.  Have great eye contact.  Eye contact can be great because it tells them you’re focusing your attention on them.

    4.  A hand shake.  It’s a small gesture but can really go a long ways.  Learn to practice doing this and keep it up.

    5.  Cut or do up your hair.  I know you don’t always need it cut, but make sure it is in tip top shape for that perfect image.


    1.  What’s your great first impression tip for a job interview?

    2.  Have you used any of these?

    Image Credit: Ambro
    Written By: Christopher E P

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