How to Make Your Home Safe And Secure at Night

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  • 4/26/11
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  • Keeping Your Home Safe And Secure
    Have you ever wondered if your home is safe and secure from theft and more at night?  It’s something you should really consider thinking about, and as well take some basic precautions to deter any issues around your home.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at some steps you can take to make your home safer at night.

    1.  Utilize your outdoor lighting around your home.  By leaving these lights on you have your entrances lit up which can deter any activity around your home.

    2.  Consider installing a floodlight with a motion sensor on it.  This makes quite a surprise when a motion sensor goes off and it lights the surrounding area up.  

    3.  Make sure all windows are locked at night.  This way you have all windows safe and locked from anybody

    4.  Keep your blinds down.  This for one keeps people from looking in, but as well keeps items that may be valuable out of site.  Just like they say “out of site, out of mind”.

    5.  Consider a home security system.  This is an expensive route to possibly take, but a powerful one also.

    6.  Even if you decide not to get a home security system consider buying some stickers to place on your door to seem like you have a security system installed.

    7.  Make sure all tools and other stuff you own is brought in at night.  This way none of these items can be used to break in.

    8.  Make sure all your doors are locked, seems like an obvious task, but these can go overlooked sometimes.

    9.  Keep your cars in the garage at night and locked if possible.  If you can’t keep your cars in the garage make sure they are locked and completely secure.  Also, make sure you keep your garage door opener out of site, once again “out of site, out of mind”.


    1.  What's your safe and secure tip?

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    Written By: Christopher E P 
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