How to Take a Screen Shot

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  • 4/28/11
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    Do you need to take a screen shot? Your answer maybe yes for reasons including troubleshooting computer issues, or maybe just to capture it for later use. You may not know this, but it really is a quick and simple process to take a screen shot of what is on your screen.

    1. You will first want to bring up the item you need to take a screen shot of on your computer monitor. So for instance this may be an Internet site.

    2. Next you will want to use the Print Screen button located most likely in the top right corner of your keyboard.

    3. Now press the Print Screen button for full window, or press Alt + Print Screen to show the active window only

    4. You have now just taken a screen shot of what is on your screen.

    5. Now to see this screen shot open some type of program, such as Word or Paint. (See screen shot below on what this screen shot looks like.)

    Full Window

    Active Window

    • Remember that certain mobile devices and keyboards may be set up a little different so you may have to read the computer manual that came with your computer. Or as well search online for their method

    1. What’s your Print Screen method?

    2. Do you use Print Screen quite often?

    Image Credit: mendhak
    Written By: Christopher E P
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