How to do Lower ab Exercises

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  • 5/23/11
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    Most people who carry a little extra weight around their abdomens would love to have six-pack abs. The abdominal area collects fat faster than almost any other area, so a combination of calorie reduction and targeted exercises works best to highlight the abdominal muscles. Strong rectus abdominis muscles will protect the back from injury as well as improve appearance. Use a good ab work out along with a proper program of nutrition to target the lower abdominal muscles without expensive equipment. Remember to support your back during your ab work out, and stop immediately if your back begins to hurt. Perform exercises slowly and in a deliberate, controlled manner. Doing them quickly creates momentum and will not deliver benefits.

    1. Eat low-fat nutritious food. Cutting 500 calories from your diet per day will result in a one-pound weekly weight loss. Increase your intake of fruit and vegetables, and cut out the junk food. No matter how hard your ab work out, your abs will stay hidden if you do not lose the layer of fat concealing them.

    2. Try reverse crunches. Lie on the floor with hands supporting the small space under your lower back. Raise your feet, bringing your knees to your chest. Pull in your lower abs until your hips curl off the floor. Reach your legs toward the ceiling, and return slowly to your original position. If you experience pain in your lower back, stop immediately.

    3. Move on to the scissors maneuver. Lie on your back with your hands again under the small space in your lower back. Squeeze your lower abs while tightening your leg muscles. Lift both legs until they are two feet above the floor. Keep your legs straight while crossing the right leg over the left. Open legs and cross again, reversing positions. Repeat 8 to 10 times. As your ab work out begins to yield results and you get stronger, increase to 15 to 20 repetitions.

    4. Remain lying flat on the mat with hands under the space in the lower back and perform hip thrusts. Lift legs straight into the air until they reach a 90-degree angle from the floor. Inhale and exhale slowly while lowering legs slowly halfway to the floor. Raise your legs back to the 90-degree position, and then thrust your hips vertically upward. Repeat 5 to 10 times. Aim to eventually do two to three sets of these exercises.

    5. Progress to alternating leg walks. Remain lying on your back with your hands supporting the space in your back. Take a couple of slow breaths. Squeeze your lower abdominal muscles and lift the right leg until it reaches a 90-degree angle to your body. Slowly lower it to a few inches from the floor, and raise the left leg. Lift legs alternately. Perform 8 to 10 repetitions. As you become stronger, intensify your ab work out by increasing the number to 15 to 20 repetitions.

    6. Try some double leg circles. Remain lying with hands under buttocks. Squeeze lower abs and lift both legs a few inches off the floor. Next, slowly rotate legs together, making five circles in a clockwise direction. Lower the legs to the floor, relax, and then repeat with five counter-clockwise circles. Increase to 10 to 15 circles as you become stronger.


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