How to Find Landscaping Rocks on a Budget

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  • 5/3/11
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    It's never hard to find landscaping rocks to help accent your house if your willing to pay a pretty price.  But let's be honest, with a little creative thinking and some work you can get landscaping rocks at quite a discount.  Let's go ahead and look at some ways in which you can get landscaping rocks on a budget.

    1.  Look for businesses redoing there landscaping.  For instance, if you see a landscaping company putting in new landscape at a local business stop by and see if they happen to have any landscaping rocks they are getting rid of. 

    2.  Ask farmers if they have any rocks laying around.  To farmers, these rocks may just be in the way of plowing there fields, so you may be doing them a favor.

    3. Do a quick scan in your local Craigslist website.  A lot of times you can get them for dirt cheap if you pick them up, or even FREE.

    4. Check your local newspaper, it could be a great untapped resource for landscaping rocks.

    5. Ask your friends, I know sounds quite obvious right?  At the same time though, sometimes we over look the obvious. 

    6.  Look for great savings as the off season is approaching at your local store, and see if you can pick up your landscaping rocks at a huge discount. 


    1. What's your method?

    2.  Have any of these worked for you?

    Written By: Christopher E P 

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