How to Potty Train a Two Year Old

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  • 5/2/11
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  • Potty Train a Two Year Old
    It can be frustrating for both the child and the parent to potty train. The mere mention of the words brings fear in first time parents. Here are some tips on how to potty train your two-year-old.

    1. Buy a child size potty. Putting a two- year-old on a standard size toilet can be intimidating for a small child, not to mention, is extremely easy for him to fall through.

    2. While your child is still wearing pull-ups, take him to the bathroom every hour and see if he will go. Remind him to tell you if he needs to go potty. With some children, you might have to put them in underwear instead of pull-ups because otherwise they will not tell you if they have to go or they already went.

    3. If your child goes on the potty, you need to CELEBRATE! Make a big deal out of it so he knows he did a great thing. When you potty train this is a very important step. This encourages him to want to please you again; however, never scold a child for having accidents.

    4. Once your child has mastered going #1, it is time to work on the hard part: going #2. Children seem to be more reluctant during this aspect of potty training. Best advice: give your child a book to read while sitting on the potty and do not rush him. This lets him relax, and once that happens, things tend to happen naturally.

    5. Once again, if your child goes, CELEBRATE! Praise, praise, praise your child and even give him a special toy that you have been saving for this event. This is a milestone in your child’s life and you need to treat it as such.


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