How to Promote a Blog Post

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    Promoting a Blog Post
    Promoting your blog posts is very important avenue to venture down when owning your own blog.  Your blog posts are what spark and energize your blog because it is the content in which search engines index and rank.  Also, without them I think a blog might be a tad boring. One big key though is to make sure you head out and promote your article to give it the credit it deserves.

    1.  Utilize pinging services.  By pinging your blog post you’re letting them know you just updated your blog.

    Ping Services:


    2.  Submit your blog post to a blog carnival.  This is where users hosts the carnivals in related niches on certain dates.  So for instance you will submit your blog post data and it will be entered into the next available carnival that someone is hosting on their blog.  You should see a date on there for the next post in your niche while you’re submitting it.  This will be a nice link right back to your original blog post.

    3.  Find forums that relate to your post and utilize the signature bar to link back to your post, or post meaningful comments using your blog post as a resource.  Make sure to leave meaningful posts and not just spam their site.

    4.  Find blogs that relate to your blog post and utilize the comment section to post your link.  Make sure you leave meaningful posts and not just spam their site.

    5. Submit to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delcious and more.

    6.  Consider linking your new post back to old posts if it has a possible relationship.  For instance, if there is a keyword in an older post that relates to your new post you may consider linking that word back to your new post creating internal linking.  Or possibly at the end of an older post use your new post as a resource for some additional helpful ideas for your readers.

    •     Remember to rinse and repeat these steps for each post to maximize your links back to your post.
    •     Some pinging sites may only take the top level domain which is your domains home page.
    •     Remember that original content is always the best.

    1.  How do you promote a blog post?

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    Written By: Christopher E P
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