How to Sing in The Car Without Getting Caught

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  • 5/10/11
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    Let’s face it, we are all singers in the car, you know who you are.  But, when you’re driving down a busy road you feel like the world is starring at you watching you sing, which of course isn’t always the case.  The key is having tricks of the trade to look as if you’re not singing, or to stay a little more discreet.  In this article you will learn some tips so that you don’t get caught singing in the car.

    1.  Hold your cell phone up to your ear like you are talking, this will sure to fool the person starring in at you.

    2.  Take the less obvious route to where ever you are going.  Less traffic equals less eyes starring in at you.

    3. Tilt your seat back a bit.  This will take you out of view and there will be less of a chance getting caught singing your favorite song.

    4.  Consider tinting your windows.  This will deter people from looking in, and most likely only offer them an outline of you.

    5.  Don’t sing.  I know this is quite obvious but it surely will prevent anyone catching you.

    • Always practice safe driving and remember road safety is your number one concern

    1. What’s your tip?

    Image Credit: Aka Hige
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