How to Start a Gym Routine

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  • 5/15/11
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    You have decided to join a gym and get in shape. It is time to define your goals. Do you want to lose weight, tone your muscles or both? Aerobic routines are good for weight loss; weight lifting will help with toning and building muscle. The more clearly defined your goals are, the more likely you are to stick with your program. Picture the desired result and aim for at least two-and-a-half hours of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week.

    1. Begin by checking with your doctor to ensure that you can safely exercise without restrictions.

    2. Enlist an enthusiastic buddy to join you. When the determination of one partner lags, the other can act as the impetus to keep on exercising. It is unlikely that you will both lose interest in work out routines at the same time. And you can gain inspiration by watching the improvement in your partner’s physical condition.

    3. Find a gym in a convenient location. The closer it is, the more likely you are to continue using it. Speak to the staff to make sure that they are friendly and helpful. Seek their advice as to which work out routines are right for you. Make sure the program fits within your budget. You do not want to use the excuse of unaffordable gym fees to abandon your program.

    4. Decide on a firm schedule. Once you get into the habit, either morning, afternoon or evening, it will be easier to stick with work out routines. Make sure to choose a time convenient to you and your exercise buddy. Try not to exercise too close to bedtime because you may find it difficult to sleep afterward.

    5. Reward yourself with an attractive work out outfit. You are more likely to exercise when you feel good in the clothing you are wearing. Buy good shoes suitable for the type of work out routines you have chosen. You will not regret the expenditure.

    6. Concentrate on healthy eating. The boost you get from the nutrients will provide the energy to get to the gym. You will feel better about yourself in general and reach your fitness goal more quickly.

    7. Keep a journal of your progress. Tracking your weight loss or lost inches can be tremendously motivating. Do not panic or get depressed if you fail to lose one week. You will probably make up for it the next week, and it will be eight weeks before you see real results.

    8. Remember to keep good health and exercise as a priority. We often neglect this area, but achieving and maintaining physical fitness will enhance every other aspect of our lives.


    1. What's your tip to a great work out routine

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