How to Test Your Internet Speed

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    Your Internet test speed that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is promising you is an important aspect of your overall online experience, after all a slow speed deters you from experiencing the top notch Internet speed that has been stated you are going to get.  Measuring upload and download speeds does not require any software packages you have to purchase to be installed on your PC. It is simply a matter of transferring over a small, non-executable data file from the test server to your PC, and then moving the file back to the server from your PC. In this article you will learn a very user friendly way in which you can check your Internet speed and make sure you’re up to speed for uploading and downloading and getting the speed you were promised.

    The first thing you will want to do is get on your computer and make sure you are connected to your Internet.

    2.  Next, open up your Internet browser

    3.  Next you will want to utilize one of these sites to test your Internet speed.  Most of these should have just a button to press to begin.

    Speed Test
    Speak Easy
    Band Width Place

    4.  From here you will see the upload and download Internet speeds populate after the service has finished.


        * Once you have your upload and download speeds in front of you, match them up to what is projected by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

        * If you’re not sure of what your Internet speed should be, contact you’re ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they will be able to tell you what it should be.

        * If you notice a huge difference in what Internet speed you’re getting and what your ISP (Internet Service Provider) states you should be getting contact them and have them conduct a test.

        * Remember it is possible that it could be your PC, but start at the main source and have them test it fully.  After all if your paying for high Internet speeds you want to make sure you are receiving the right product.


    1.  What’s your tip on getting your Internet speed?

    2.  Have you notice your Internet speed being slow?

    Image Credit: Steve Keys

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    Syah said...

    In number three, where can I press the button? Which browser can I test for internet speed?

    Chris Pontine said...

    Hi Syah. You would have to click on one of the 3 links provided. At there website is where you will utilize the button. Let me know though if I am not answering your question correctly.

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