How to Freeze Strawberries

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  • Freezing Strawberries
    Whether purchased from the grocery store, picked at a berry farm or harvested fresh from your own garden, strawberries are a delicious summertime treat. Eat them as they are or use strawberries in recipes, but also take the time to save some of that summertime flavor by freezing your berries. Strawberries can be frozen in a pan in the freezer and bagged, or they can be prepared with syrup or a dry sugar pack and then frozen. Whichever freezing method you choose, enjoy the knowledge that you will be savoring flavorful berries long after strawberry season has passed. Properly frozen berries will retain most of their nutrition and flavor.

    Freezing Strawberries in a Pan

    You will need:

    Fresh strawberries
    Paring knife
    Large pan or tray with a lip
    High-quality freezer bags

    1. Use the tip of the paring knife to remove the green tops and the stems of the strawberries.

    2. Wash the berries in a large bowl of cold water. Strain them through your fingers to pick out remaining stems and leaves.

    3. Place the strawberries in the colander. Let them sit for 15 minutes to allow all water to drain.

    4. Spread the berries in a single layer in a large pan. Preparing them in this way prevents the berries from clumping together as they freeze.

    5. Leave the pan in the freezer overnight to ensure complete freezing.

    6. Package the frozen strawberries in heavy freezer bags, removing as much air as possible to maintain freshness and prevent freezer burn.

    7. Label bags with contents and date. Use within two months.

    Freezing Strawberries with a Syrup Pack

    1. Clean strawberries as instructed above.

    2. Place berries in freezer containers, and cover with syrup made of one cup of sugar dissolved in one cup of water. Each pint of strawberries will require ½ cup of sugar.

    3. Seal tightly and place in freezer. Use within six months.

    Freezing Strawberries with a Dry Sugar Pack

    1. Clean strawberries as instructed above.

    2. Slice strawberries into a bowl, and sprinkle with ½ cup sugar per quart of berries.

    3. Pack sweetened berries into a freezer container, seal and freeze. Use within six months.


    1.  Handle berries carefully for maximum retention of vitamin C.

    2.  When buying strawberries from the grocery store, choose locally grown berries for best flavor and freshness.

    3.  Since strawberries will not ripen after harvest, choose fully ripe berries.


    1.  How do you freeze strawberries?

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