How To Prevent Car Theft

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    Car theft is a very known issue in the world, in fact it's a business. 1 in 50 cars are stolen in most cities, in fact this number really increases in larger populated cities such as New York or Los Angeles.  The goal though is knowing how you can prevent your vehicle from being stolen and becoming part of the statistics on the wrong end.  In this article you will learn ways you can prevent car theft and keep your vehicle safe.

    1. Keep your doors locked.  This seems like a very well known tip but unfortunately many people neglect to do this and end up with a stolen vehicle. 

    2. Roll your windows up.  It's simple to do and just takes a moment.

    3. Park near lighting.  You want your vehicle to be seen and not in a dark unseen area.

    4. Keep your spare set of keys on you.  By hiding a spare set on the outside of your car your pretty much rolling the red carpet down for any car thieves.

    5. Get an alarm system and make it known.  make sure a sticker is visible or some sort of item to deter them.  They would much rather have a car un-protected because of the chances they risk.

    6. Enroll in a local anti-theft service.  Your local police department can enroll you and record key parts on your vehicle.  This will deter thieves because they know the parts can be traced back.

    7. Keep your title and registration out of your vehicle.  If thieves obtain these items it makes it easier for them to sell your vehicle.

    8. Be cautious when approaching your vehicle.  Look over your surroundings and by other vehicles.  If you see anything odd, leave and if needed call the local authorities.

    • Rinse And Repeat.  You always have to stay on top of this
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    Written By: Christopher E P

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