How to Fillet a Fish

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  • 12/20/11
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  • A Fish Being Filleted
    Fillet a Fish
    Learning how to fillet a fish allows you to get better quality fish at a lower price. When you buy a whole fish at the supermarket, you have your choice of the freshest fish available. Look for a fish with shiny, glossy eyes and flesh that springs back after you touch it. Don’t get discouraged if you find your initial attempts at cutting fillets difficult. It takes practice to develop proficiency.

    You will need:

    • Fish
    • Sharp knife with a flexible, thin blade, preferably a fillet knife
    • Cutting board

    1. Place the fish on the cutting board with the head facing you.

    2. Make a cut behind the gills, slicing halfway through the body of the fish.

    3. Insert the fillet knife into the cut, and make a slice a couple of inches deep above the backbone and over the top fins.

    4. Remove the meat from the bones with the tip of the fillet blade. Open the fish up like a book, uncovering the breastbone.

    5. Once you have completely opened the fish, complete the cutting-away process by slicing through remaining attached skin.

    6. Prepare to remove skin by placing fillet skin-side down on cutting board. Position the knife at the tail end, between flesh and skin. Hold the skin firmly as you slice slowly down the length of the fillet.

    • Wear latex gloves to keep fish smells from your hands.
    • Use a sharp, good quality knife for the best results.
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    Written By: Shannon R
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