How to Sign up for Swag Bucks

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  • 12/10/11
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  • In case your not familiar with Swag Bucks off hand.  Swag Bucks is a loyalty program that once signed up you have a chance to earn 1000's of prizes and more.  It's sure to provide you with tons of possible prize possibilities and hours of enjoyment.  Let's go ahead and learn how to sign up for swag bucks so you can get one step closer to prizes today.  It's super quick and easy to get going.

    Click Below: - The rewards site that works.  Leave it open and follow the steps below.

    1.  OK, first things first.  Fill out all the information needed or register using services such as Twitter or Facebook. 

    2.  Click Next

    3.  From here continue to fill out your basic information.

    4.  Once all your information is entered you will want to hit "Register"

    5.  From here you will be asked to verify your "Email" with a auto email they send.

    6. Go to your email and use the link they provide for signing up.

    Well your all set, not that it's that tough to do in general, but it's always nice to have some direction when trying out a new website.

    Written By: Christopher E P
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