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    Google is a one powerful search engine to help find the useful information you’re looking for. All you have to do is enter the search word or phrase and it will populate information related to your search.  However sometimes you need to find certain things right away and the searches you picked up are just a tad too broad to be going through.  This article will go over great tips when you’re searching with Google; in fact some of them are things that are so easy you probably just didn't realize Google could understand it.

    1.  Track the Flight Status - If you just enter the flight information it will populate all the info needed as in departure and arrival times right in front of you.

    2.  Knowing what time it is anywhere - Just type in the search box "what time is it in (Place)" and it will populate the time.

    Example: what time is it in Detroit,MI

    3.  Finding out the weather - just type in Google "Weather (City).  So for instance in Google I would type Weather Detroit,MI

    4.  How to find the definition out of a word - It’s even quicker than you think.  In Google just type "define: (word).  So for instance I would type define: love.  This will then show me the definition of love.

    5.  Use Google as your calculator – You can literally type into Google your mathematical problem and it will break down the answer for you. So for instance, 5 * 3, Google will convert this into the answer for you.

    Math Syntax Google Recognizes:

    •- for subtraction
    •+ for addition
    •/ for division
    •* for multiplication
    •^ for exponential (x to the power of y)
    •% for modulo (to find the remainder after division)
    •! factorial - This must follow the number you wish to factor.
    •choose X choose Y fines the number of possible subset groups of Y out of the set of X.
    •% of finds percentages X % of Y finds X percent of Y.
    •th root of creates the nth root of a number
    •sqrt finds the square root of the number that follows
    •log logarithm base 10
    •ln logarithm base e
    •lg logarithm base 2

    6.  Find a stock quote – Google has the ability to pull up a stock quote right on demand.  Just enter stocks:(Stock:Symbol).  So for instance I would type in stocks:f (No Spaces) if I was looking for Ford.

    Example:  stock:f

    7.  Search for exact phrases – If you’re looking for exact content for instance, sports medicine, and you want this exact phrase to show up.  Just put the phrase within double quotes to do so.

    Example: “sports medicine”

    8.  Exclude a word – Google allows you to exclude a word in your search results.  For instance, if you want to search for social media, but want to exclude marketing. To do this, just enter the subtraction sign in front of the word you want to exclude.

    Example: social media -marketing

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    1.  Do you have any Google Search Engine tips you can share?
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