How to Clean Fireplace Irons

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  • 2/15/12
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  • Cleaning Fireplace Irons
    Your fireplace irons can be a romantic powerful part of your fireplace. People gather here to talk, or to warm up from a long day outside.  So its a good idea to keep your fireplace clean and looking good, so maintaining your fireplace irons can be very important.  In this article, you will learn a method to properly clean your fireplace irons.

    1.  Once your fireplace irons have cooled down wipe off any of the ash, wood or coal with a damp cloth.

    2.  To help prevent any rust from forming rub the fireplace irons down with a mineral oil.

    3.  Wipe down any brass items with a damp cloth and allow them to air dry.  For any engraved brass you will want to use a soft tip toothbrush that is dipped in a all purpose cleaner.  Make sure to check the all purpose cleaner regardless to make sure it is safe for brass.

    4.  For any tarnish seen on your brass, purchase a commercial brass cleaner and use a soft tip toothbrush to help remove it.

    Image Credit: Spunkfunkster
    Written By: Christopher E P

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