How to End a Blog Post Smartly

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  • 2/18/12
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  • Ending a Blog Post
    The end of your blog post can offer you endless possibilities if you utilize it correctly to your blog readers.  By the time your readers have made it through your blog post they will want to take action if possible, in some how, some way, and the goal for you, is to offer that outlet to them.  In this article you will learn ways to end your blog posts to maximize your return.

    1.  Offer a call to action. Offer your blog readers the next step they can take, or a challenge you set for them. 

    2.  Offer them the topic of your next post.  When you offer valuable content to your readers they tend to start to find value and trust in you.  Why not offer them some ideas on what your next post is so they know it's worth coming back.

    3.  Ask them to share.  It's a very simple asking of your blog readers, especially if you have just offered them mind blowing content.
    If you loved what you have just read, I would really appreciate it if you would share this.  It would be greatly appreciated.
    4.  Have valuable resources.  Offering your readers some valuable resources can help broaden their knowledge on the current topic your talking about, or offer a product to help them take action.

    5.  Ask open ended questions to encourage blog commenting.  Everyone loves chipping in with their own 2 cents.  Why not set up your readers to respond.
    Whats your thoughts?

    How do you end your blog posts?  Have you found your idea has really increased your overall interaction with your readers?
    6.  Offer them the ability to sign up to your blog. Give them outlets such as Email, Twitter or Facebook so that they have social or email outlets to continue to follow you.  This just helps deepen your relationship overall and adds more value to your site to this reader.

    7.  Promote your own products.  Not saying you have any yet, but it's a great time to offer the products you may have developed or maybe even use on this blog.
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     8.  Offer related posts that the user may love.  Now sometimes we already have these set up automatically at the end of our posts, but maybe even manually add them in to add a personal touch.
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    1.  Whats your favorite way to end your blog posts?

    2.  Have you found any of these methods valuable when ending a blog post?

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