How To Host a Great Super Bowl Party

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    The Super Bowl is one of the most viewed events of the year and is one of the elite days that many people host a Super Bowl Party.  The key though is being prepared with everything from food to activities you might have going on.  This article will help you spice up your Super Bowl Party or provide the plans from beginning to end.

    1.  Make sure you have the Food - This seems like an obvious one, but you want to make sure that you have the main course planned out as well as all the snacks too.  It's important to keep food around for people to snack on.

    2.  Have an interactive game going on for the Super Bowl - You want to have something to keep the game interesting.  Consider having a game of squares going on with wager.  This will keep people involved with the game and enjoying their time more especially if they win.

    3.  Make sure you have adequate seating - not many people will tell you they don't mind standing or sitting on the floor, but the goal is to make them not even have to tell you this by having plenty of chairs.

    4.  Have a dedicated children's area - It can be tough with everyone running around in the room and right in front of the TV.  If you can, try to have a nice area for the kids to have fun and still be away from the TV.

    5.  Give a solid month or two notice - your friends and family need some time to plan, plus someone may invite them first and have to commit. Sending out notification early gives time for someone to respond and plan for your super bowl party.

    6.  Lay the rules out - What is meant by this is if it’s BYOB or bring a dish to pass state that out clear so no confusion or assuming happens when it’s to late.

    7.  Spend time with everyone - sometimes this day can be so fast paced that you forget to spend some quality time with everyone.  It's very important because it makes people feel wanted.

    • Give yourself a couple months to plan, this helps work out all the kinks

    Super Bowl Party Supplies

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