How to Keep Your Drains Flowing Free And Clean

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  • 2/22/12
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    Drains are very important through-out your home.  There in a way the veins in your home, and a clogged one can sure cause some issues.  In this articles learn some ways to maintain your drains so they continue to flow freely and stay clean.

    1.  Pour boiling water down the drains once a week.  This will help in the break up of grease that may be building up.

    2.  Drains in your bathrooms can tend to build up quicker due to soap, hair, and other materials that may be frequent in the bathroom areas.  Consider having a trap in these areas where these type of items can be trapped for easy removal.  Most of the time you can find a trap in your local hardware store.

    3.  Consider strainers in all of your sinks.

    4.  Be proactive and store your grease in a jar instead of pouring down your drain.  This will help in preventing build up.

    5.  check your drain-plug mechanisms quarterly to determine if they may need to be replaced or just cleaned.  This will help liquids and materials going down easily.

    6.  Use 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by slowly dripping hot water down the drain to help clean and deodorize your drain system.  Doing this once a week is a good maintenance feature for your drains.

    • If not certain always call your plumber.  They may even offer some handy advice right over the phone that you can utilize.
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    Written By: Christopher E P

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