How to Make Yogurt

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  • Yogurt, Ice Cream, And Fruit In A Bowl
    Homemade Yogurt Recipe
    You may think you need a fancy electric appliance to produce homemade yogurt, but you can actually make your own creamy yogurt with a standard crock pot. The benefits of homemade yogurt include cost savings and great natural taste, and making the tasty treat is surprisingly easy. All you need is milk, a bit of yogurt containing live active cultures and a crock pot.

    Follow a few easy steps to make your own delicious, healthy yogurt.

    You will need:

    • ½ gallon milk
    • ½ cup of yogurt containing live active cultures
    • Crock pot

    1. Set the temperature control of the crock pot on low, and add ½ gallon of milk.

    2. Leave at the low setting for 2 ½ hours.

    3. Turn off the crock pot, unplugging it at this time. Leave the milk to cool in the pot for 3 hours. Leave the lid on.

    4. Once 3 hours have elapsed, remove 1 cup of the warmed milk and pour into a bowl. The milk should be warmer than room temperature but not hot enough to kill the yogurt cultures. If you are not sure of the temperature, use a thermometer. Milk should register about 80 F.

    5. Add ½ cup yogurt to the warm milk, and combine thoroughly.

    6. Add the milk-yogurt mixture to the milk in the crock pot, and mix well.

    7. Replace the crock pot lid, and wrap the crock pot in a towel.

    8. Leave the mixture to culture, about 8 to 12 hours.

    9. Stir yogurt, and store in containers.

    10. Refrigerate 8 to 10 hours before serving.

    • Look for organic milk on sale to produce your own inexpensive organic yogurt.
    • For flavor, add fruit and honey just before serving.
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    Written By: Shannon R

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