How to Open an ING DIRECT Orange Bank Account

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    ING DIRECT is a great alternative to your everyday banks out there in the world.  With low fees in every category and a wide array of products such as investments to mortgages it surely has the potential to be your number one primary institution.  In this article you will learn how to open up your ING DIRECT electric orange checking account and basic account so that you can see the benefits this company offers. The GREATEST thing of all is it will only take about 5 minutes for the whole process and you should earn $50 dollars doing so or another amount they have chosen.

    1.  First you will want to go ahead and click on the link just below to bring up the page to sign up.

    Open an ING DIRECT Bank Account

    2.  Select "I'm New To ING DIRECT"

    3.  This next page will just have you enter a majority of your basic information.  Anything with an astrix must be filled out.  Once this is filled out click "next"

    Key Point: don't forget to click what type of account.  For instance Joint, Individual, living trust.  If your not sure on the difference click below to find out some information.

    Joint Account Information

    Trust Account Information

    4. On this next page you will be picking a pin number that is dedicated to your ING DIRECT account.  Make sure to memorize this because it will be needed when logging in.

    5.  The next page is their disclosure page.  You will need to just check the boxes to continue on to the next page.

    6.  The next page is where information about your current bank account is at.  You will need to know your routing number and your current checking account number so that it can be verified by ING DIRECT with two small deposits.

    As well, you will be able to get information on paper checks on this page too.

    7.  The next page is where you confirm everything looks good to go and that you are ready to open your account.  If everything looks good hit continue and you are all set just for your last final instructions.

    Other ING DIRECT Accounts:

    Kids Savings Account

    Business Account

    • Keep in mind that instructions and steps can change.  So just stay focused on what they are saying.
    Image Credit: alancleaver_2001
    Written By: Christopher E P

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