How to Get Loyal Blog Readers for Your Blog

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  • 5/8/12
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    Gaining Loyal Blog Readers
     It's one thing to get readers that want to be loyal to your blog and blog content by means of search engines and other means.  It's another method though of keeping them loyal and wanting to actually come back to your blog, which is a very important thing.  In this article learn some tips that may help capture loyal readers to your blog, so they keep coming back over and over and over and over...........

    1.  Consider writing a series. This would be where you may have 5 to 20 articles for one topic of your choice.  By doing so, you will continue each day to bring readers back to read the next section on the topic.

    • Offer a sneak peak of the following day
    • Don't let your readers down, as in, follow through with the series
    • Consider writing it before you start publishing
    2.  Offer multiple outlets to read your blog.  Not every reader for your blog is the same and you have to understand this.  Some may enjoy reading VIA RSS, smart phone, email or of course at your blogs website.

    3.  Ask questions.  Yes you may think you have all the answers, but ask questions to your readers so they are apart of your blog too.  It feels nice to be asked to put in our own two cents, or maybe even three.

    4.  Keep your blog up to date with fresh content.  If your readers keep coming back and the last post is quite old, it makes them wonder if you’re an active blogger or not.

    5.  Make sure your website is easy to navigate.  Sometimes blogs are all over the place making it difficult to find the categories or areas you are looking to read.  Keep it nice and neat just like your home ;-).

    6.  Stay on top of your niche.  You want to make sure that your writing niche related content, and not talking about something which is in no way related.  Once in a while is fine, but when you have your site optimized for "Cooking Recipes" and your writing about "Snowboarding" it sure makes it tough to feel connected and want to come back.

    7.  Have an ABOUT me page.  It's helpful when you tell your readers about yourself and where you been.  Consider adding a picture for that extra touch of being transparent.

    8.  Disclose any affiliate information.  If you prosper from something, let your readers know that you prosper, such as an affiliate link you may have placed on your site.  It shows that your open and honest, and honesty and being upfront can go a long long long ways.

    9.  Don't be so Monotone.  Yes it seems nice to stay professional and business like, but let your readers see who you are through your words.  It's OK not to be perfect; in fact, they may love your funny, chippy, edgy, powerful way of writing.


    1.  How do you gain loyal readers?

    2.  Have any of these methods help see an increase of your loyal readers?

    Image Credit: Kristina B
    Written By: Christopher E P

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