How to Have a Weed Free Lawn

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  • A Beautiful Home That Has a Weed Free Lawn
    Having a Weed Free Lawn
    Weeds are an annoying fact of summer life for most homeowners. Tough and tenacious, each weed can produce thousands of seeds, threatening to overwhelm your lawn despite your best efforts at fighting them. Many homeowners turn to synthetic herbicides despite the danger to people, pets and plants. Failing to tackle the underlying problems affecting lawn health, however, will only lead to more frequent application of chemical weed killers.

    Learn how to control weeds by building up the health of your lawn and removing weeds before they have a chance to spread.

    1. Use clean soil in your flower beds. High-quality soils tend to be more free of seeds and roots than cheaper soils.

    2. Crowd out weeds with a healthy lawn. Apply fertilizer according to the package directions. Too little fertilizer will result in a sparse lawn while too much can encourage the growth of weeds such as crabgrass.

    3. Water your lawn deeply and less frequently. Light, frequent watering aids the germination of many types of weeds. Insufficient irrigation will harm your grass while favoring weeds that thrive in dry conditions.

    4. Set mowing height higher. Cutting the grass too short prevents the leaves from producing sufficient levels of nutrients. Short grass length also allows sunlight to reach weeds, helping them grow and spread.

    5. Pull weeds by hand. Though the task is time-consuming, it is also effective. Set aside some time each week to pull weeds before they have time to flower and seed. Make sure you pull out the roots, which can regrow if left in the soil. If your weed-pulling leaves bare spots in the lawn, reseed with grass to discourage new weed growth.

    6. Use herbicides if other methods of weed removal fail. Use herbicides designed for your turf and particular type of weed. Read and follow directions carefully to avoid injuring your lawn and plants.

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    Written By: Shannon R
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