How to Make Money Writing at Home

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    Money Making Opportunities For Writers
    Starting a writing career from home can be quite a challenging process especially if your goal is to make money.  Either establishing your own name from scratch, or finding a known outlet/website where you can write and profit can be a challenge. 

    You have to weed through the routes and find your method that fits your over all style all together.  Enjoy this article dedicated to helping you find a great beginner money making writing outlet, or providing the next exciting career for you making money writing at home.

    1.  Consider Craigslist - Many times if you search the jobs section you can find many freelance writing jobs available.  Just one thing to keep in mind is that anybody can post on Craigslist, so its important to do a prescreen of them if possible. 

    2.  Examiner - Examiner is a very nice and professional website dedicated to helping their writers out any many ways.  They let you choose a niche and city where you can become the examiner writer for that area, or as well choose the option of being a national examiner writer.

    Note:  Examiner is one of my highest paying sites I write for.

    You will enjoy the many tools they give their examiners and as well the payout is nice too, which is based off views on your articles.  A overall powerful writing site for the new writer, or great compliment to the seasoned writer.

    3.  Consider Freelance Sites - These type of sites allow you to set up your own profile and offer your own services out on the web.  Popular sites include oDesk, Elance or Live Person.

    Other Freelance Writing  Options:

    Text Broker
    Constant Content 
    Demand Studios

    Image Credit: Mat Honan
    Written By: Christopher E P 

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