How Skills Writers

Christopher E P

Christopher E P
Christopher E P is the founder of How Skills and also a writer.  Christopher loves the social network world and is always looking for new and creative areas on the web.  Christopher loves topics on landscaping, blogging and cooking, but I"m sure you will see more of his work in other areas as time goes on.  Want to contact Christopher?  Drop a email his way at support @, or feel free to leave a comment on one of his "How To" articles.

Some of Christopher's favorite "How To" articles include:

How to Landscape Your Home on a Budget

How to Promote a Blog Post 

How to Invite Someone to Church

How to Take a Screen Shot in Microsoft Windows

Shannon R

Shannon R
Shannon R is happy to join the How Skills team.  When not introducing schoolchildren to the wonders of the Dewey Decimal System, she can be found researching the nutritional benefits of artichokes and the best way to poach an egg in the microwave.  Her friend Sheba is the happy recipient of the occasional kitchen disaster, for which the rest of the family is grateful.  Favorite topics include family, food, and home and garden.  

Some of Shannon’s favorite “How To” articles include:

How to Make Homemade Cake Frosting

How to Budget Your Money

How to Get Your Kids to Exercise